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ANANT cold chisels designed to the shape and size specially for massonary professionals are available in Octagonali, Hexagonal or Rectangular sections. Chisel's end is forged and ground finished to size. Striking end is machined to give proper shape and size. These chisels are heat treated to achieve fine grain structure so as to give maximum strength to the end user of the product. These chisels are supplied without or with cushioned soft plastic grips

Drop forged carbon steel
Fully power painted, Blade + striking edge ground.
Lacquered polished.
Two pc. in a carton box.
Art No. Size in inches Approx Weight in gms.
without grip             with grip
A 651 21/4" Std 280 350
A 652 3" Std 700 800
A 653 31/2" Std 750 850
A 654 4" Std 825 925
A 655 41/2" Std 900 1000
A 656 21/4" X 18" 390 440
A 657 3" X 18" 790 900